Films have been categorized into various genres. There are action films, horror, comedy, sci-fi and more. Chick flicks is one such genre and these are the genre of films which deal with love and with romance. These films are generally targeted towards female audiences. This is a genre where the woman is the main protagonist of the movie. Chick flicks unlike other films which are directed towards females are usually used to describe only those films that have a lot of emotion or themes that are relationship based. The best chick flicks are usually released around Valentine’s day where viewership of these kinds of films is the most – perhaps it has to do with the season and the holiday and what it entails.

chick flicks

Why does it appeal

Chick flicks usually appeal to young women due to the fact that these women are usually noble victims or sassy people or even young klutzy women. These films have a very strong presence of a female central character role and they have thematic use of pink as well as they usually have storylines revolving around dating and romance.

When did It start

Older films of the 50s and 60s dealt with the loneliness, happy endings, obsessive materialism and more and were considered as early forms of chick flicks. The modern ones deal with abortion, personal alienation or even bolder issues relating to women.

Chick flicks usually have most of the viewers who are female and these films are usually very successful. However, they still have different types under them which are validative, reconstructive, correspondence, projectile as well as medusa. However, whatever be the kind, they indulge the dreams or the hopes of young girls and women and usually they have ridiculously unrealistic endings and end in a happy fuzzy feeling the viewer gets at the end of the film.