The digital technology has grown leaps and bounds and have invented wireless network. Today, people are able to access the internet connection without a cable. The advantage of wireless network is vast that you can connect to the internet from any place across the globe and at any time. Moreover, there are a few store owners who are providing free Wi-Fi connection to their customers. Example of stores which has already started providing free Wi-Fi to its customers include coffee shops, restaurants, railways, airports, etc. Unarguably, people are able to access the internet from their toilets on their mobile devices and laptops. Now, the internet is in the pocket of every mobile user. In fact, mobile users can share their internet with the other users. However, most of the wireless network owners will protect their wireless network with passwords to avoid unknown users from getting connected to their hotspot. People in order to access the internet at the public place should have a password to get connected to their close by Wi-Fi hotspots.

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However, there are many tools available in the market to crack the passwords of the wireless networks. This can be easily done using code free wifi generator. This has been tested and found to be safe to crack the password of any wireless network in a few seconds. All you need to do to crack the password of Wi-Fi hotspots is to install this generator onto your mobile or other device on which you want to access the Internet. After you download, open the generator. You would be able to analyze the wireless networks that are within your coverage area. This code free wifi software displays all the codes of various Wi-Fi. You can pick the best Wi-Fi and get connected to it by entering the password to enjoy unlimited internet.

This is considered to be an effective tool to hack Wi-Fi networks in a jiffy. It searches for the Wi-Fi network in your vicinity automatically. This supports on all the mobile devices and laptops irrespective of the operating system.