There are five sets of paired nerve roots that are found in the lumbar spine which is combined together to form the sciatic nerve. This starts from the back of the pelvis or sacrum region and runs all through the back of the body up until the buttock region and downwards into each leg through the hip area. These nerve roots are actually not solitary structures as they are part of the nervous system in the body and has the capability to transit pain and other types of sensation to different parts of the body. Radiculopathy or severe pain is caused when the nerve root is compressed as a result of disc rupture or bone spur which could occur in the lumbar spine region just before it joins the sciatic nerve.

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Main Causes and Types of Pain

There are several causes for this type of sciatique que faire but the most common ones are a bulging disc, spondylolisthesis, trauma, spinal tumors, lumbar spinal stenosis and piriformis syndrome. The bulging disc is sometimes known as a disc disorder that is contained. A gel like center will remain contained inside the disc which has a tire like outer wall. This type of disc will occur if the nucleus breaks through the outer wall. It will cause direct compression of the sciatic nerve against the inner part of the bony spinal canal. The leg pains might be chronic or acute. If it is acute then the pain will occur suddenly and heals in a few days. The severity of this type of pain is related to how much the tissue is damaged. This source of this type of pain will be spinal joints, nerves, muscles, ligaments and discs. Chronic pain is much more severe and could last even for months. The actual source of this type of pain is difficult to be determined and will worsen if some activities are done.