Day: January 17, 2017

How do you repair an iPhone

iPhone repair is something you hope you will never need to do. However, it is a sad reality that iPhone repair is sometimes a necessity. This is either due to accidental damage or due to damage from the manufacturers or the product which is . More often than not, most repairs to the screen are due to accidental damage. When the person wants the iPhone repair service to be undertaken,the method of doing so is usually to box the phone and send it to the repair shop. These either will collect it from the person directly from their residence or shop or else it can be couriered to them or dropped at their establishment. Once it is done, they will estimate the cost of the repairs and inform you of it. They then will go ahead and repair the phone. The entire procedure usually takes between 3-5 business days. Once the phone has been repaired, these repair shops will send the phone back to the person and based on the terms and conditions, the shipping costs are borne either by the owner of the phone or the repair shop. These repair shops usually also offer some kind of a warranty for the product and their services. However, the warranty does not include abuse of the device. In such cases, the warranty is null and void. However if any sort...

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The invisible wallet- The new trend

Enjoy your social time So, do you think you are tech-savvy, who is using all the updated and new apps and saving your time and money with evolved technology? Or maybe a better question, do you think you are saving your money? Time is money and humans have understood with the time, that if they can optimize their time then they can earn more. SO why not save time to withdraw money or why to go back with more cash, if sometimes you want to buy your favorite thing and you don’t have money? Do you know that paypal...

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What You Need to Know About Carrgeenan?

What is Carrageenan? Carrageenan is red seaweed like substance which is used in food items as a thickener. The name itself is got from the seaweed which is also known as Irish Moss and Carrageen Moss in the United Kingdom from it originated. You will be amazed to know that the substance is already used since 400 AD in the United Kingdom for different health purposes. Why people are concerned about eating Carrageenan? The substance comes in two forms which are degraded and food grade. The latter part of the carrageenan is used for several centuries and approved to be used in food items that are prepared using preservatives. It is mainly used for its thickening properties. However, degraded elements of the carrageenan are not useful and contain harmful effects. Many people who do not have knowledge of this, tend to associate the harmful properties of the substance with the food grade product. Are their any side effects when you consume carrageenan? When carrageenan is consumed in small amounts and taken from the mouth, it is very safe. According to medical news, in France a chemical version of this substance is offered to heal and cure peptic ulcers. However, they might not be safe because research has shown that it can cause cancer. If you are pregnant or having low blood pressure, then you will want to avoid consuming...

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