What is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is red seaweed like substance which is used in food items as a thickener. The name itself is got from the seaweed which is also known as Irish Moss and Carrageen Moss in the United Kingdom from it originated. You will be amazed to know that the substance is already used since 400 AD in the United Kingdom for different health purposes.

Why people are concerned about eating Carrageenan?

The substance comes in two forms which are degraded and food grade. The latter part of the carrageenan is used for several centuries and approved to be used in food items that are prepared using preservatives. It is mainly used for its thickening properties. However, degraded elements of the carrageenan are not useful and contain harmful effects.

Many people who do not have knowledge of this, tend to associate the harmful properties of the substance with the food grade product.


Are their any side effects when you consume carrageenan?

When carrageenan is consumed in small amounts and taken from the mouth, it is very safe. According to medical news, in France a chemical version of this substance is offered to heal and cure peptic ulcers. However, they might not be safe because research has shown that it can cause cancer.

If you are pregnant or having low blood pressure, then you will want to avoid consuming the carrageenan. When you are having some bleeding disorders or issues with your periods, then you need to take care. Those of you who are recovering from surgeries will want to reconsider consuming carrageenan because it can slow blood clots and lower the blood pressure.

However you will want to know that carrageenan is safe and a very unique substance that comes with several health benefits that are hard to ignore.